I graduated from high school in the spring of 2003.  I moved to Columbus Ohio at the end of that summer and began attending the Columbus College of Art and Design. These were some of the hardest years of my life. I completed three years of college before taking a hiatus to pursue my musical interests.  I spent a little over two years on the road touring with my band, constantly playing shows and recording a few albums. This was an experience of a lifetime.

During my time away from college, I was able to focus on doing art for myself, instead of homework assignments for school. This gave me time to allow everything I had learned over the last few years of school to sink in. I found myself doing a lot of art for tattoos, for myself and for other people.

I did my first tattoo on the drummer of my band when were on tour. All of my trepidations were correct, and I immediately knew that this was something that I was very interested in and someday would love to do professionally.  As time went on, I decided to finish my last year of school. In addition to trying to graduate within four years, continuing to play in the band, and working 30 hours a week at a bar, I began a formal apprenticeship in a tattoo shop in Columbus. 

After graduation, I began focusing all of my energy on tattooing. My abilities began to accelerate rapidly and my appreciation for the medium grew stronger and stronger.  Within my first year of professional tattooing, I accepted a job as a full time artist in Toledo, Ohio at my favorite shop, Infinite Art.  I had been a patron of the shop for almost a decade and was very thrilled at the opportunity to work with some of the artist I had admired for years.

As I grow as a person and an artist, I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to do what I love every single day. I am extremely thankful to my clients for choosing to wear my art on their bodies. I am especially grateful to the select group of my clients who trust me enough to let me do whatever I want. It is one thing to like a painting you see and buy it, but to pay for a permanent piece of art before you can even see the final product; that just sounds crazy. I am forever grateful to you all. As I continue to tattoo, I hope to constantly be pushing the envelope for myself artistically, and to someday have a small impact on this amazing industry that has already given me so much.

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