Name: Tony Michael Zawisza

Known Alias: Tony Touch, Tony Touché, Tony the Pepperoni Pony (in a bad italian accent)

Birthday Year: 1984 - Aries

Languages spoken: English, Scottish, Cockney, and broken Trucker lingo

Professions: Tattoo artist, rattle-can graffiti artist, competitive Skee-ball player

Formal Training: Tattooing since 2003, one semester of art college, CCHS high school diploma

Tattoo Strong points:
Illustrative, cartoony characters, small objects on a big scale, colorful cute silliness, neo-traditional.

Tattoo Weaknesses: Realistic black and grey, tribal, portraits, traditional Japanese, traditional Americana, gory stuff.

Professional Strong points: Working with clients face to face, to get them a tattoo better than they expected. Easy to get along with, and not too rough around the edges. Great with 1st timers, as well as old pros.

Professional Weaknesses: Returning phone calls, and quick email responses. If you're close to Toledo, stop by the shop to get your tattoo started. Outta-towners, please email me, and please be patient with me to get back to you.

Tattoo Promises: Any tattoo I draw for you, will be custom and a one of a kind for you, and you alone. If you have a picture of exactly what you want, give me some wiggle room, and we'll make it even better. Lastly, if I know an artist that may accomplish what you want better than I, I will let you know. The only time my ego will get outta control, is when I'm playing you in ping-pong. Seriously, I'll mess you up something fierce in some table tennis.

Loves: Snowboarding, paintball, cheesy jokes, traveling, my kick ass wife, movie quoting, Legos, roller coasters, stand up comedy, video games, making videos, playing golf (not watching golf on TV though), deep conversations about things that don't matter (i.e. who would win in a fight? Col. Sanders VS. Chef Boyardee?)

Hates: Raw tomatoes, reality shows, wedding DJ's, people who drive Hummers that aren't military, and dip spit not in a bottle but on the sidewalk, 2 inches from my goddamn shoe. Eck!

Motto: 'Carpe the diem, man, seize the carp!' & 'I'll do that tomorrow.'

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